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The full-service
IT partner for the
Hospitality and
F&B industries

  • Tailored advice
  • Professional implementations
  • Distinctive support
GDC Van Hessen


Guide. Deliver. Care.

VAN HESSEN offers much more than just IT Solutions. With our full-service approach we provide personal guidance, deliver excellent installations and offer our trusted VH care.
By your side, as your IT companion

Van Hessen. Your trusted, independent partner
for all Hospitality and F&B IT-solutions

Why Van Hessen Why Van Hessen?

While you take care of your guests, consider your IT taken care of!

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the perfect IT-solution. Same can be said about hospitality. Every single hotel, restaurant or meeting & event location has its own reasons and standard requirements when choosing an IT system. There is a wide variety of hotel and restaurant concepts, who target different groups. Each have their own line of business and locations, that influence their IT choice.

At Van Hessen we look at your specific situation. What does your company need to ensure an optimal performance? We are open and honest about what works best for you. And what not. Because making the wrong choice can have huge implications.

Our IT systems are used by thousands of hotels and restaurants worldwide. Rely on the IT-solutions and unparalleled services of Van Hessen. You’re in good company.

3000+ customers

World of Van Hessen

Active in
15+ Countries

Proud of our
80+ team members

Guide. Deliver. Care.

We Guide

Guiding you through the
maze of IT-solutions
  • Full focus on your
    requirements and expectations
  • Finding the perfect match
    for your business
  • Always thinking along


We Deliver

Making your IT solutions &
processes run smoothly
  • Smart planning
  • Outstanding execution
  • Delivering excellent service
  • We make IT work together


We Care

Providing you with swift
& dedicated support
  • Local helpdesk
  • We speak your language
  • Easily accessible support
  • We’re your IT companion


Home Guide, deliver, care Home Guide, deliver, care

VAN HESSEN rebranded

It was time to resharpen our edges...

With a new style. A new look. But our core values remain. As we GUIDE, DELIVER and CARE, we promise to accompany you. Full-Stack!

Welcome to the new Van Hessen. Our company essence, captured in brand identity.


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Full stack solutions - Van Hessen

"The professionalism and swift responses and advise are the key of success between our companies. Soon we will upgrade things again and we are already looking forward to many years of collaboration."

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Van Hessen

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Tel: +32 16 60 70 20

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