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  • Full focus on your requirements and needs
  • Finding the perfect match for your business
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Find your IT-match

At Van Hessen we guide you through the maze of solutions. Giving you personal advice and dedicated assistance to find your perfect IT-match.

Discover the best full-stack IT-solutions for the Hospitality and F&B industry

If you are looking for a suitable IT solution for your hotel, restaurant or hospitality business, you can get entangled in the web of possibilities. The choice is tremendous.

Property management systems, Point-of-sales solutions, kitchen management, cloud- and mobile options, sales- and event management, integrations, hardware, managing inventory, connectivity, getting the right reports & business analytics and what about delivery and self-ordering? The list of IT solutions seems endless and the options are dizzying. Time for guidance!

We know that searching for the right solution is a complex and time-consuming task. And it’s still the question if you’ve found the perfect match.

Getting the best advice and professional guidance, is a more effective way to pursue this quest. Rather than spending time, frustrations and resources on an endless search.

Why Van Hessen Why Van Hessen?

How our guidance works


  • First, we would like to get to know you. We love to listen to your story and learn more about your business, ambitions and expectations
  • We know your business and can read between the lines. We take effort to get to the heart of the matter
  • Then we make a thorough inventory and assess the IT-situation
  • We come up with well-founded arguments and illustrate why something is the best choice for you
  • We guide you to the solution(s) that are most suitable for your situation. Always transparent about the pros and cons

Consult – More than just caring about your hospitality business

Thanks to the profound knowledge of the hospitality industry and IT-solutions, our consultants are the perfect conversation partners to lift your IT-environment to the next level. We think of smart solutions, methods and options to:


  • Streamline the soft- and hardware design for your organization
  • Adjust internal procedures, so you make optimal use of your software and IT-solutions
  • Brainstorm on how to create a most efficient and effective IT-environment
  • Rethinking your IT network and solutions to make it future proof

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'The responsiveness is fast and the support team is 24/7 available when we need assistance. The care and support of Van Hessen is an important reason for choosing to work with them.'

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