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Point of Sale Solutions

  • Smooth restaurant operations and workflow
  • Effective table & menu planning
  • Instant kitchen communication
  • Integrating the best solutions in your POS

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Get more time on your hands for serving your guests

The restaurant business is fun and exciting, and every day you create wonderful guest experiences. But it’s also hard work. Your success depends on your perseverance and wits. And on making the right choices. Like the choice of IT system to help you manage your restaurant or F&B business well. With the powerful POS Solutions and dedicated support of Van Hessen, you work smarter, not harder. So, you get a good head start.


Straight to the POS Solutions

Daily operations & table service

Equip your restaurant team with the right tools and resources, so they can perform at their best.

  • Increase efficiency and optimize the workflow
  • Flexible floorplan and allocation of work sections
  • Efficient order taking and transfers
  • Swift and flawless communication between restaurant, bar and kitchen
  • Overview on reservations, allocating guests and special requests
  • Boost loyalty and make guest keep coming back


Kitchen Display Systems

Our KDS Systems help you to get a clear overview and keep up with the speed of business. Everything you need for an excellent kitchen performance and first-class restaurant service.

Our KDS Solutions
  • Structured and clear kitchen communication
  • Keep good overview with the intuitive and graphical displays
  • Increase kitchen efficiency and work processes
  • Detailed reporting and statistical data

Self-ordering, take way & delivery solutions

In order to keep their business lean and fully flexible, innovative restaurant owners rely on the smart online and self-ordering solutions Van Hessen offers.

Self-ordering Take away & delivery

  • Self-ordering via QR-code, tablet or kiosk
  • Collection display for guests waiting for their order
  • Easy and speedy online ordering
  • Contactless pickup & delivery
  • Fully integrated with your POS system
  • Smooth and cost-effective operations

Reports & analytics

Control every aspect of your Food & Beverage business down to the smallest detail. Base your decisions on real data and insightful reports instead of gut feeling.

  • Monitor your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly turnover and sales data
  • Analyze your menu and keep track on the most profitable dishes
  • Keep track on employee’s performance with shift and work reports
  • Multi-property reporting

In need of more functionalities? Just enhance your POS with the best integrations available

From payment solutions, kitchen- and inventory management systems to loyalty programs. The list of possible integrations is endless. We will help you to find the best integrations for your needs.

Or maybe you need to extend your POS System to other areas of operation. For hotel operations Van Hessen provides suitable PMS Solutions and check out our Sales & Event Solutions for your meeting & events outlets.

Partners & integrations


Simphony: Oracle MICROS Simphony is the most premium cloud hospitality management solution. It provides you with the best point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functionalities to support your Restaurant or F&B operation. With Simphony and our Van Hessen support you always stay one step ahead of your competition.

Discover Simphony

QUORiON INViCTUS: INViCTUS is a flexible and stable POS system you can count on. This Android based POS system comes with pre-installed software, large touchscreen, stylish design and extensive functionalities. With the simple and easy installable QOrder App, it is possible to send orders straight from the table to your kitchen.


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