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Point of Sale Solutions

Only the best POS Solutions are good enough for your business

Running a professional food & beverage enterprise is hard work and creating a sublime guest experience is challenging. You and your team must be able to perform at the highest level. But if your point-of-sale system doesn’t work accordingly, you’ll just end up with unmotivated staff, dissatisfied guests and stagnating revenues. Therefore, Van Hessen offers only the best POS solutions for your restaurant, bar, café, cloud kitchen or other food & beverage company.

Choosing the right solution for your business might be difficult, but we are here to guide you through the maze of solutions. So, check out which solution suits your business needs and we’ll help you along the way.

Cloud based
On premise
Cloud reporting
Mobile reporting app
User based language
Multi property
QR code orders
Kitchen display (KDS)
Integrated table reservations
Cash management
Data import
Data export
Detailed data analysis
Multi outlet / concept
Extensibility & Integration
Hotel PMS interface
- kiosk
- webshop
- delivery platform
- payment terminal
- cash recycling integration
- loyalty program
- inventory management
- HR management
- accounting integration
- datawarehouse interface
Equipment supply and support
- workstations & peripherals
- kitchen displays (KDS)
- customer/marketing display 10"
- customer display
- mobile devices
- kiosk

Whatever solutions you choose, you can always count on our Van Hessen care & support!

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Simphony: Oracle MICROS Simphony is the most premium cloud hospitality management solution. It provides you with the best point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functionalities to support your Restaurant or F&B operation. With Simphony and our Van Hessen support you always stay one step ahead of your competition.

Discover Simphony

QUORiON: QUORiON is a flexible and stable POS system you can count on. The INViCTUS  is an Android based POS system which comes with pre-installed software, large touchscreen, stylish design and extensive functionalities. With the simple and easy installable QOrder App, it is possible to send orders straight from the table to your kitchen.

Discover QUORiON


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