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Self-ordering Solutions

  • Easy mobile ordering
  • Fully integrated with your POS system
  • Smooth and cost-effective operations
  • Personal support

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Smart self-ordering solutions for innovative restaurant owners

Self-ordering has many benefits for the Food & Beverage industry. But what is the best platform for your business? The options are numerous! That’s why (quick service) restaurants rely on the innovative self-ordering solutions and the support that Van Hessen offers.

With the right technology you can optimize the guest journey while working in a cost-effective way. Your guests will appreciate the quick and efficient order handling, while enjoying your service with a smile.

Self-service kiosk by Qiox

Improve your speed of service and attend to your guests. QIOX Buddy self-service kiosks offer you full flexibility. Kiosks can be deployed in any setting from fast casual to quick service. Speed up your order process, increase guest spend and reduce waiting times.

Qiox Buddy

  • 22-inch touch screen with color adjustable led edge
  • Available in black, white or any RAL color
  • Available as counter desk or wall mount kiosk
  • Options:
    Integrated ticket printer
    Integrated 2D-scanner
    Integrated NFC reader
    Holder for payment terminal
    Kiosk application
    Cloud management
    Custom branding

buddy qiox


Qiox Mate

  • 22 or 27-inch touch screen
  • Available in black, white or any RAL Color
  • Available as free standing or wall mount kiosk
  • Options:
    Integrated ticket printer
    Integrated 2D-Scanner
    Integrated NFC reader
    Integrated payment terminal
    Kiosk Application
    Cloud Management
    Custom branding

Get to know Van Hessen’s preferred partner

Jamezz Van Hessen

Tablet Ordering by Jamezz

Jamezz’ tablet ordering is perfect for all you can eat concepts! Give your guests a tablet and let them order their dishes one by one. Restrictions can be made in time, number of rounds and maximum quantity. Questions or special requests of guests, can be placed right into the system.

Can be fully integrated with Simpony POS.

  • Perfect for all you can eat concepts
  • Smart up- and cross sell functions
  • Set a maximum quantity
  • Set a time frame between orders
  • Set a maximum session time
  • Service requests
  • Allergen filter
  • Fixed monthly rate

QR Ordering by Jamezz

Let your guests order through their smartphone with QR-ordering.

Time saving, labor efficient and no more frustrated guests looking for a waiter. You decide if they need to pay upfront or afterwards. And of course, we integrate upselling options according to your wishes.

Can be fully integrated with Simpony POS.

  • Create more revenue
  • Smart up- and cross sell functions
  • Configuration with Oracle MICROS POS
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Let your guests pay upfront or afterwards
  • Usable from any device
  • Allergen filters
  • Fixed monthly rate

Self-ordering Kiosk by Jamezz

No more queuing or waiting for your guests. And lower work pressure for your staff, while you retain great service with a personal touch. This kiosk helps you streamline the customer journey for more guest satisfaction and higher profits.

Can be fully integrated with Simphony POS.

  • No more waiting times and lines
  • In your own design and look & feel
  • Integrated with Oracle MICROS POS
  • Higher expenditure per guest
  • Payment at kiosk
  • Smart up- and cross sell functions
  • Allergen filter
  • Age check for alcohol purchases
  • Dining or take-away option
  • Fixed monthly rate

jamezz kiosk

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