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Full-stack IT solutions for Independent hotels

  • Full-stack PMS & POS solutions
  • Lifting your hotel performance
  • Meeting your individual needs


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While you take care of your guests, consider your IT taken care of!

Running an individual hotel has big advantages. Your property is one of its kind and that makes it unique. The independency you enjoy as an entrepreneur and hotelier is inspiring and your local involvement is probably very significant. But it’s also difficult to battle against competitors with more or better resources.

With the IT-solutions of Van Hessen you stay ahead of the competition. So, you can endeavor your aspirations.

Manage your daily operations

Structuring and standardizing your reservations and rooms management, housekeeping and maintenance, improves efficiency and increases staff productivity. Spend less time on planning or operating, and more time on performance, personalized service and guest satisfaction!

  • Make guest experiences personal and exceptional
  • Run your operations smoothly and effortless
  • Enables you to create the perfect guest journey

Channel management & optimizing your revenues

Seize all revenue opportunities by managing room inventory, pricing and capacity real-time across the different distribution channels. Equip your revenue and reservations team with the best and most complete tools to reach your business objectives.

  • Full control on your online distribution
  • Real-time information for spot-on decision making

Connecting all areas of your hotel operations:


Food & Beverage | Point of Sale Systems

Operate and communicate efficiently between F&B and hotel departments on all touch points. Empower your team with more options and less work.

  • Connecting front of the house, kitchen and back-office operations seamlessly
  • Delivering all necessary hardware
  • Complete your F&B package with complete inventory management software or restaurant loyalty program
Learn more about our POS-systems

Sales & Event Management

Maximize your sales revenues from group sales, conferences and banqueting while having maximum control on your meeting & event operations and communications.

  • Increase profits with smart pricing and efficient lead management
  • Streamline the execution of meetings and events
  • Automate bookings via web channels and sell your meeting space online
  • Use only one database for both PMS & Sales & event module
Learn more about our Sales & Event solutions

Get connected to the
industry's greatest solutions

We selected the best applications and integrations for your hotel, so you can enhance your operations, create a memorable guest experience while generating more revenue.

  • Include external services through API
  • Van Hessen’s preferred partners,
    selected to optimize your business

Reporting & business analytics

Hotels are run more effectively with correct data and business intelligence at hand to base your business decisions upon.

  • Extract real-time forecasts
  • Reports based on operational insights and statistics

We get it! We comprehend your business as most of us have been in your shoes

  • 24/7 PMS Support
  • Relying on swift and skillful assistance
  • We love to think along
  • Get solid, practical and useful advice



Make your professional life easier with Van Hessen as your IT companion. We provide you with full-stack solutions, so you can focus on what matters most.

• We advise & GUIDE you towards the best solution for your business.
• We make IT work for your business & DELIVER excellent service.
• We provide you with swift and dedicated support & CARE Always.

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