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Full-stack IT solutions for Conference & events

  • PMS, POS and Conference &
    Events, all in one platform
  • Helps you to make smart
    and profitable decisions
  • The most comprehensive,
    effective solutions for
    full insight and flexibility

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Managing one of the most challenging departments in the hospitality business has never been easier

When working in Banquet sales and coordinating events, communication, organizing and planning is crucial. This specific line of business is very time consuming and all dots need to be connected to make any business or leisure event successful. The whole process, from beginning to end, must run seamlessly. From first contact, sales, mapping out all decisions, interdepartmental communications to aftersales. It all comes down to the smallest detail.

Why not make your guests wonder how you pulled that trick? With the Conference & Events solutions of Van Hessen it is practical and so much easier to reach your objectives. We make sure you have the best IT solution and service at your disposal.

Full view on sales activities within one platform

  • Treat yourself on the best possible planning and organizing tools
  • Maximize revenue and banquet sales
  • Overview and yield from one dashboard to optimize the use of space and resources
  • Keep track of your equipment inventory
  • Update the booking status and plan your sales activities accordingly

Be on top of your game with the Conference & Event solutions Van Hessen offers

Reaching operational excellence by streamlining the whole process

  • Enables you to be the perfect host
  • Have complete and clear information at your grasp
  • Be fully prepared and able to plan your operational performance
  • Quickly respond to unexpected, lastminute requests on the day itself
  • Manage your food cost and waste
  • Schedule staff accurately
  • Powerful interdepartmental communication

Go wild and get more out of your system with the additional possibilities, like:

  • Tailor-made offers and contracts per market segment
  • Take your system along on a tablet in sales appointments with the OPERA Cloud Sales & Events module
  • Have the opportunity to integrate with booking agents in the meeting & events market
  • Optimize your revenue management on banquet sales
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Our Solutions:

OSEM – OPERA Sales & Event Management
- works with OPERA Cloud PMS
Sales & Catering management
- works with OPERA PMS



Make your professional life easier with Van Hessen as your IT companion. We provide you with full-stack solutions, so you can focus on what matters most.

• We advise & GUIDE you towards the best solution for your business.
• We make IT work for your business & DELIVER excellent service.
• We provide you with swift and dedicated support & CARE Always.

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