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Full-stack IT solutions for
Bars, clubs & lounges

  • POS systems that can keep up with your speed of service
  • Clear overview on your figures and results
  • Powerful inventory and loyalty management tools

Guide. Deliver. Care.

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Everything you need to operate your bar or café without any distress

Nightlife, easy moods, having fun while enjoying a good conversation in a great setting. In your line of business, guests enjoy a break from the daily grid. And your team is in the center of it all. No matter how busy it gets, they are the entertainers running the show from behind the bar or while serving the guests.

When your business booms, you need a good POS System to rely on. That keeps on running smooth when demand is high. The POS and IT solutions Van Hessen offers, help you manage your Bar, Club of Café operations without a hassle. 

If you’re managing from behind the scenes, our systems help you to keep control on sales results, give operational insight and firm grip on your financial data. So, you know exactly what going on.

The Van Hessen’s care and support will give you piece of mind. It’s unparalleled and at your disposal.

Operational excellence within reach

Flexible and user-friendly POS solutions that are adaptable to any situation. So, you can accelerate when it gets busy and still give full attention to your guests.

  • Efficient and intuitive order taking and communications
  • Split bills in a split second
  • Speed up the payment process
  • Change prices, items and floorplans easily
  • Tableside, QR and self-ordering solutions
  • Your favorite partners integrated

Gift & Loyalty

Loyal guests and repeat business are of vital importance for any business. And there’s a great way to promote and introduce your place to new guests and motivate return visits. Use this target marketing and promotions to get their attention.

Gift & Loyalty

Inventory Management

As an entrepreneur or manager, you’re in charge of the bottom-line of your company. Therefore complete control on your stock is a must. With our inventory management tools, you automate the order process and stock deviation, while keeping a close eye on your food & beverage costs.

Our Inventory Solutions

Be in control of your business performance

  • Grip on your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly revenue results
  • Keep an eye on your top-selling and unpopular items to improve your menu
  • Keep track of the team performance
  • Get unrestricted access where ever you are



Make your professional life easier with Van Hessen as your IT companion. We provide you with full-stack solutions, so you can focus on what matters most.

• We advise & GUIDE you towards the best solution for your business.
• We make IT work for your business & DELIVER excellent service.
• We provide you with swift and dedicated support & CARE Always.

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