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Oracle MICROS Simphony ­­
Point of Sale System

  • Powerful & smart POS solution for complete restaurant management
  • Premium all-in-one cloud POS platform
  • Be in full control of your F&B business

Simphony Point of Sale is designed to be the backbone of your restaurant

You need your team to perform at its best. Therefore, they need the proper tools. With the combination of MICROS’ vast experience in the hospitality POS industry, and Oracle’s database and cloud environment, Simphony POS is the premium cloud hospitality management solution out there. It provides you with the best point of sale (POS) and back-office functionality to support any kind of F&B operations. By combining this with Van Hessen’s unparalleled service you’ve struck gold.

Running a professional food & beverage enterprise and creating a great guest experience has never been so easy!

Take a look at our hardware for Simphony

Some features that make Simphony POS stand out:

The superior POS solution

Simphony is designed to be deployed into various environments and concepts. From quick service to fine dining, serving individual to multi-property restaurants.

Providing the most complex, mission-critical functions needed by the most innovative and demanding customers and franchise operators. Simphony does it all!

  • Vast integration capabilities, like Property Management Systems (PMS) and payment interfaces
  • Use at enterprise level, individual property or single revenue center
  • Easy and intuitive ordering, both on wired POS and mobile devices
  • Instant kitchen communication
  • Realtime analytical data and reports
  • Scale and simplify your business

Simphony in the cloud

Get full advantage of the renowned Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Your data is securely stored and maintained. Ensuring regular safety updates, backups, continuous performance checks and regular application updates.

  • Enhanced data security
  • Automatically updated
  • Always running on the latest version of Simphony
  • Data in the cloud remains available for 3rd party software

Enhance and personalize

With Simphony POS you have full liberty to design and personalize your POS, as well as enhance it by adding functionality that is crucial to your operations.

Change the look and feel of your POS System by choosing themes, colors and custom content like adding logos, graphics, text, etc. And activate the required languages for your employees and customers at the different locations.

In need of more functionalities or growing your business? Just enhance your POS with the best integrations. From payment solutions, kitchen- and inventory management systems to loyalty programs. Or extend Simphony POS to other areas of your operations with our PMS Solutions for hotel operations and our Sales & Event Solutions for your meeting & events outlet.

Our Property Management Systems (PMS)

Reporting and Analytics (R&A)

Simphony’s built-in R&A provides real-time system wide sales data, allowing you to take immediate decisions based on correct information.

Choose from a large range of pre-defined reports on all aspects of your operation, create your own reports or use the Business Intelligence API for integration with other systems.

  • Numerous predefined reports
  • Consolidated and daily reporting on any combination of properties, revenue centers and sales periods
  • Automated reports by e-mail or export to Excel, PDF or CSV
  • Customize your reporting
  • Audit & analyze, get information to the smallest detail
  • InMotion smartphone app

Simphony POS, always at your service

Simphony is designed to continue to operate even in case the internet fails.
For an unstoppable restaurant operation.

  • Never lose data or speed of service
  • Continue to share table checks
  • Kitchen communication remains functional
  • Local reporting stays available
  • Automatic data-update to cloud reporting once internet connection is restored

Online ordering and delivery

Integrate online ordering and delivery with Simphony. Update your menu in the POS system and sync it with your ordering website, QR ordering or kiosk.

Maintain multiple menu databases from external parties with an API.

  • Automated menu synchronization
  • QR ordering from table or room
  • Your own web ordering page
  • Integrate with multiple delivery such as UberEat, and Deliveroo
  • Perfect solutions for ghost kitchen operations

Gift & Loyalty

Loyal guests and repeat business are of vital importance to any restaurant. So, why not increase your revenue with the Oracle MICROS Gift & Loyalty program? This program can be managed from one single easy-to-use central platform within the Oracle MICROS Simphony POS.

  • The restaurant Gift & Loyalty program that keeps guests coming back
  • Increase revenue
  • Build loyalty with flexible promotions
  • Sell giftcards
  • Seamlessly integrated to Oracle MICROS Simphony POS

Enterprise Management Console: the heart of your business

Manage Simphony from a single application and access from anywhere to define parameters.

  • Use configuration wizards to add menu items, employees, discounts etc
  • Define specific data zones for multi-property use
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Elastic pricing by channel, concept, region, country, franchisee etc, activated directly or on specific dates
  • Multi-lingual
  • All custom content and integrations are centrally managed
  • Control operational status of all your properties’ workstations
  • Smart help function

Hardware for
Simphony POS

Kitchen Display

& connectivity


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