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Inventory Management Solutions

  • Manage inventory and materials efficiently
  • Optimize profitability by controlling food & beverage costs and flow of goods
  • Base your purchasing policy on exact information

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Always in control of your inventory and cash flow situation

Our Inventory Management modules are a great addition to your POS system and fully customized to meet the requirements of the hospitality industry. These comprehensive procurement systems help you manage your stock by registering all incoming and outgoing goods. It has a broad functionality and makes it easy to place orders online and send them directly to the suppliers.

The solutions manage all property inventory, providing essential information on cost of sales, revenue, stock on hand, order proposals and stocking requirements. Bringing efficiency to your daily workflow and enabling you to keep a close eye on food cost management.

These systems fit any type of operation, regardless of size or complexity.

What makes these Inventory Management Solutions stand out?

Ordering module

  • Order your goods directly at the supplier
  • Choose the best price available in the market by automatically checking the bids from multiple suppliers
  • Notifications when quantities are higher or lower than normal
  • Automatic order proposals using available and maximum stock levels

Receiving module

  • Receive orders of goods automatically in your inventory
  • Return goods functionality

Inventory taking

  • Partly or full inventory taking
  • Inventory taking per store
  • Easy stock counting with an optional mobile device
  • Clear variance reporting

Menu, recipe & allergen management

By linking POS sales items with recipes in your Inventory Management System, your stock will be automatically updated with every item sold. It’s an easy and effective way to control your costs, monitor your inventory balances and material movements. While having a full grip on your bottom line.

  • Gain better insight into product costs, margins and waste
  • Food cost calculation per single dish, automatically taken from stock after sale from your POS system
  • Nutrient and allergen information available per item and recipe

Enhanced reporting         

  • Advanced reporting module
  • Compare actual versus forecasted costs
  • Analyze sales trends
  • Track all data to identify ways to reduce costs
  • Export to Excel or PDF


  • Automated ordering via B2B-interface
  • Convert packing slips of received goods into invoices and export them directly into your accounting system
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Available for Simphony POS

Our inventory management systems are available on:

Simphony: Oracle MICROS Simphony is undoubtedly the most premium cloud hospitality management solution. It provides you with the best point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functionalities to support any kind of Restaurant or F&B operation. With Simphony and the Van Hessen support you always stay one step ahead of your competition.

Discover Simphony

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