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Making IT work for you

  • Smart planning
  • Outstanding execution
  • Delivering excellent service
  • We make IT work together
GDC Van Hessen


Implementing your IT wishes

At Van Hessen we deliver excellent installations and make sure that IT works. This way your team can focus on delivering the perfect guest experience.

Delivering the best full-stack IT-solutions

Congratulations! After some thorough research, gathering a lot of information and comparing suppliers, your choice is made. Now our journey begins. Buying a new system or solution has a big impact on your company. And it all starts with the delivery and installation of the hard- and software.

You trust that all things work out well. But you need your supplier to do more than that. You want someone who is 100% involved and understands your needs. The Van Hessen team makes sure your installation runs smoothly and without hassle. Dedicated to deliver splendid work.

Why Van Hessen Why Van Hessen?

A well-functioning system makes your day

Okay, we understand that installing soft- and hardware is not as sexy as installing a shiny coffee machine. But just like a good cup of coffee in the morning (or tea for that matter), a well-functioning system makes your day.

So, it’s not just the baristas that make magic happen. Our installers and support team are miracle workers too.

Meet the team
Full stack solutions - Van Hessen

'The responsiveness is fast and the support team is 24/7 available when we need assistance. The care and support of Van Hessen is an important reason for choosing to work with them.'

Nathalie Diouf La Maison Palmier
Van Hessen

Laarstraat 35
BE-3190 Boortmeerbeek
Tel: +32 16 60 70 20

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